AIM: mierduka
Show(s): The Good, the Bad & the '80s Sundays 10pm - 12am Eastern
I love the 80's. You love the 80's. Won't you 80's with me?
The Mierduka Show (On Hiatus)
Mainly old school, with some rock and even rap. It's craptacular!
I am a breasted American living in a good ol' ghetto somewhere in sunshiny Southern jealous! The Latina powerhouse of AKA with a voice that can kill small animals, peel paint off walls and make your nuts fall to the floor. I enjoy being vocally appreciative and chemically convenienced!

My supply of brain cells is finally down to a manageable size...2...Charlie the "Holy shit! DON'T!" and Buddy the "OMG! Do it! DO IT." My idea of a night out is sitting out in my "studio" with 12 of my best friends while busting Cincoisms on air like only a streamho can! I begin every other sentence with "back in my day..." and try very hard to remember when my -wild oats- turned into freakin' shredded wheat.