GT & Dani D
Instagram: @2_crazies_and_a_mic
Skype: djgtonaka
Show(s): 2 Crazies & A Mic Wednesdays & Saturdays 9pm to 11pm Eastern
80's, 90's, Top 40, Covers, Dance, Talk, Buckets
GT & Dani D come from a wide background of Music, Graphic Design and of course Awesomeness, not to toot their own horns, but they're pretty great. They typically come up with crazy ideas at a spur of a moment, which usually include a drink or 5. They skipped 2, 3 and 4 because c'mon, who's counting anyways? On AKAradio, you can find their show "2 Crazies & A Mic", with segments ranging from WTF Wednesdays to Shot Saturdays with a little twist of "what-evah". GT & Dani D's music style ranges from the 80's, throwin' it back to the good ol' 90's, of course GT's favorite Top 40/Dance music and slammin' down awesome cover bands. Hold on tight kids, because it's going to be a CRAZY ride!