Facebook: Dj Slipstream
Twitter: @DJ_Slipstream2
Skype: DJ_Slipstream (during shows only)
Text #: 209-227-3236 (Text Only Request Line)
Show(s): Quarantine Mondays 8pm to 10pm Eastern
Talk, variety, Dance/Techno, Rock, Metal, to 80's/90's
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DJ Slipstream has been a DJ / Show host since 1992, From in-game events to live shows at local clubs in Upstate NY, California, S. Korea & Germany.

Music is Life. It has the power to make you sad and to make you happy. Music gives you the power to take on the day, or curl up under the blankets. The lyrics in each song (regardless of Genre) help you to understand how the party flows, or how to express your love/loss. Music expresses the soul. Submit your feelings to the power of the Music!

Music is a window into ones soul, turn up the music and set your soul free!